Angela is a drone pilot part 107 operator with up to 1 million dollars of insurance. She is always looking for the next project to be apart of and capture beautiful cinematography


About Angie,

Born in the Northern state of Minnesota, raised in the southern state of Texas, I am finding my own path with what I love to do. Travel and photography.

Finding my passion for the lens was an accidental discovery through de-stressing from the everday workgrind and quickly became an addiction with what I could experience through a photograph.

Using nature as my natural subject I am finding a lot of textures and designs that we normally overlook with the natural eye. I enjoy to take a second and explore what I am looking at and what natural beauty in nature is already there.

Having a drone even gives me a more opportune experience to see from a birds eye perspective capturing a different perspective from the sky.

At trails to sky this site allows me to share my mini adventures, photographs and drone flights, and I hope it inspires you to enjoy the natural beauty already around us.